• Write your Granite email address on one of the charts.

  • After learning how to use iVoice Memos, making a short recording to tell others about a favorite app you've found.

  • Email your recording to the people on the chart above and below your name.

ITunes Basics Demo:

Syncing to Cart:

Productivity Apps:

Reiminders (Already on iPad)

WebDAV Navigator (Free)

Instructions for setting up Webdav Nav

Jigsaw App Investigation:

Decide who is person A, B, C and D in your groups.

  • A's: T-Chart Pros/Cons

  • B's: Simple Mind +

  • C's: Idea Sketch

  • D's: Popplet Lite

Download the appropriate app onto your iPad.

Meet with your expert groups and then be prepared to demo your app to the other 3 people in your original group.

T-Charts (Pros and Cons) (Free)

Popplet Lite (Free)

Simple Mind+ (Free)

Idea Sketch - Free

Dice Shaker App Activity


Dice Shaker (Free)

1.Facilitator demonstration of Dice and Dice Shaker: Download the apps:

2. Using Dice have everyone shake or roll the dice

3. Line up without talking from the lowest to the highest number

4. Fold the line to create partners for discussion (What are some other ways in which Dice Apps can be used?)

Other Dice Application Ideas:

  • Mental math facts: How else could you get the number 24 for example using 3 dice?

  • Grouping Strategies

  • Probability or Statistics

  • Predictions

  • Generate data for graphing

  • Order of Operations

  • Discussions: who shares first, second, etc.

Doodle Buddy Activity:

Doodle Buddy: (Free)

(15 min.) (pair up) Meet with your partner. Open the Doodle Buddy app (must be the iphone app to do cooperative drawing/free) and choose to "Draw With a Friend".

Select your partner from all the devices it finds (must all be on same network). Partners use different colors of pens (thin lines) and work collaboratively to

draw the math figures your instructors give you . What other ways could you use Doodle Buddy or other drawing apps in your classroom?

  • parallel lines

  • intersecting lines

  • ray

  • line segment

  • trapezoid

  • quadrilateral

  • obtuse angle

  • acute angle

  • 90 degree angle

  • rhombus

Pick Me! Buzzer App Activity:

Pick Me! Buzzer- .99

  • form 5 groups of 4 people

  • One person in each group will have the iPod with the Pick Me! Buzzer App opened and connected to the host

  • The other team members will have Doodle Buddy opened on their iPads to use like a whiteboard for solving problems

  • The instructor will give a question or problem for the groups to solve. The groups will work to solve the problem and then buzz in to give the answer

  • The first group to buzz in will give their answer. We could award points, but we'll just play for fun.

Classroom Management:

Dropbox: (Cindy)

Dropbox is an easy way to store, sync, and, share files online.

Dropbox (Free for 2g storage)
Drop Box Referral Program:


Productivity Apps for your iPad:

There are many productivity apps that are available for use on your iPad.

Many of these apps would be for teacher use and not apps that you would download onto student iPods.

You may want to investigate some of the apps for your productivity use.

Many will have tutorials on YouTube to show you how the app works.

Note Taking Apps (Cindy)

Note Taker HD: (4.99)

Evernote (Free)

HD Note Taker Tutorial

Ever Note Website

Ever Note Tutorial


If you want to use your iPad for productivity tools, you may want to consider purchasing some apps to manage documents.

Cloudon (Allows you to use Microsoft office Programs)-Free

Quick Office Mobile (4.99)

Kindle: (Free)

Nook Books (Free)


  • Practice syncing your ipad with iTunes

  • Practice using the Reminders App.

  • Start thinking about using one of the activities we tried tonight with your students.