Opener (Heidi)

The Fun Theory: Can learning be fun and meaningful at the same time? How does human behavior change when you add the element of fun?

Can students learn using math game apps?

Talk about the 1:1 ischool classrooms in the Canby School District in Oregon and the statistics with their math performance.

Canby School District Wiki and Blog (Performance statistics on their 1:1 ipod/ipad classrooms)

4th-6th Activity (Teresa)

Math Tasks (Free)

Download the app called Math Task

In partners, work on finding the calculations for the tasks listed below. Measure the provided items using the rulers, then plug the numbers into the appropriate area of the app to help you find the correct answers. Be sure to write your answers including the unit of measurement (example: 124 inches squared).
  • Open Math Tasks. Click on Geometric Shapes. With your partner, have one person open the Math Tasks app and the other open Doodle Buddy or similar app. Collaborate to solve the given math problems by working them out with Doodle Buddy or another similar app. Then check the accuracy of your calculations by plugging the numbers into the Math Tasks app. This app has formulas that will automatically do calculations for you. Record your answers in the Note app and email your final work to one of the instructors. or

1. Find the area of the front table top in square inches.

2. Find the perimeter of the same table in inches.

3. Cut a triangle out of the construction paper. Find the area of your triangle in square inches.

4. Find the perimeter of your triangle in inches.

5. What is the radius of the paper plate in centimeters?

6. Find the area of the paper plate in square centimeters.

7. Find the circumference of the paper plate in centimeters.

8. Find the surface area of one of the boxes provided in square inches. First record which box you have.

9. Find the volume of the box you have. First record which box you have.

1st-3rd Grade (Heidi)

Fetch Lunch Rush (Free)
QR Reader (free)

1. Open the Fetch Lunch Rush app.

2. Pick how many people are playing and pick your names.

3. Ruff will give you orders for food. Look through the camera on your iPod. Find the game piece that has the right number of food items on it. Tap the food items to send the order to Ruff.

Teacher Prep: You will need to go to or have the application email you a copy of the QR codes game pieces.

QR-Code Generator

Try Three Free (Teresa)

We'll demonstrate these three apps. Download and try the apps that would work for your grade level.

Demo of Cramberry (Flashcard App) (Heidi)

Screen_Shot_2012-01-24_at_2.18.37_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2012-01-30_at_3.38.10_PM.png What type of math apps will you need for your curriculum?

Take Time to Explore: (40 min.)

Look at the group of math apps for your grade level. Then choose three that you feel will be especially beneficial to your core. On a sheet of white paper, write down your three favorite math apps from the ones below and how they will help in your teaching. Circle the one that is a "Must Have". Crumple up your paper into a snowball. We'll then do a snowball toss, so that each participant has a chance to see your recommendations.

Math Apps Page

K-2nd Math Free Apps

Math Train

Penny Me

Math Drills Lite

Times Table lite (paid version also avail./3rd)

Basic Math with Mathaliens

K-2 Paid Apps

Math Magic

Cloud Math

Math Pad 1 Addition and Subtraction

Ladybug Tree (K)

Cute Math

Math Bingo

Math Bumpies

Math Girl Number Garden

3rd-6th Math Free Apps

Pearl Diver

Number Line

Freddy Fraction

Lemonade Tycoon

Flash To Pass Math Flash Cards

Math Drills Lite

School House

Times Table lite (paid version also avail./3rd)


Glow Burst (moves into negative integers)


3-6 Paid Apps

Sums Stacker

Math Pad 2 Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

Math Pad 3 Less Than, Greater Than

Math Pad 4 Word Problems

Math Pad 5 Factoring


Math Bingo


ilive Math

Google Earth Activity (Teresa)

Download the Google Earth app. Click on the search icon and type in the GEC address (2500 S State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115). Zoom in to the level needed to view the district property and buildings to answer the following questions. Work with groups of 2-3 to answer the questions.

1. On the West side of the property, there is a white shape with a black rectangle in the center of it (The Helipad). What type of polygon is the helipad?

2. Look at the Wilson playground. Write a ratio for the number of tetherball circles to the number of hopscotches painted there.

3. There is a "V" shaped parking lot on the SE side of the district buildings. About what percentage of the cars are red?

4. What season and time of day was this satellite photo most likely taken? What clues helped you decide?

5. There are some four squares (lg. and sm.) painted on the South side of Wilson. If 12 children went out and stood in individual squares, what fraction of the total number of squares would be filled with children? Can you simplify that fraction?

6. What other math questions could be asked about this aerial view of the GEC?

Review Management/Security Ideas (Heidi)

Watch one of our GSD 4th grade ischool/eMints teachers, Dani Kaurez, and her class, in action HERE.

  1. Your iPods are engraved

  2. iPod cases are color coded. You can also number them 1-5 for each color.

  3. Never leave iPods unlocked when away from them

  4. Require a child to give the iPod to you while they use a restroom, go to the office, etc.

  5. If possible have a list and always assign the same iPod to the same student

  6. Be sure students understand that they are the sole person responsible for their iPod once it has been checked out to them

  7. Discuss what space on their desk is a safe place to set the iPod

  8. Discuss that only fingers are used to touch the iPods

  9. Keep food and drinks away from the equipment

  10. iPod use is the same as other privileges and the same school rules apply

  11. Discuss what the consequences will be for not following instructions

  12. If you use the headphones, have clorox wipes and something like sandwich bags to keep each set of headphones in

What do I do now once I'm back at the school?

  1. Find a secure place for the cart to reside, where it can be plugged in all of the time it's not in use. Two locks should come with the cart

  2. Unpackage the ipods

  3. Name the iPods/iPad using the district naming standards.

  4. external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Naming your iPod Touches.docx

  5. Place the color covers on the iPods

  6. Number them 1-5 for each color set or 1-35 for the whole set

  7. Find a storage system for headphones, etc.

  8. Plan a rotation schedule with your school's team

  9. The wireless system will come to you as soon as IS has them set up and it will sit on the cart. Find a place in your room where it can be plugged into a live port. If you don't have one, have your STS add a mini switch.

  10. The laptop will be stored in the cart. Set it on the cart or nearby to do your syncing

  11. Decide as a team what apps you want and start syncing away. You can sync up to 20 ipods (one drawer) at a time