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With Poll Everywhere you can project instant student feedback onto the screen and watch the real time data change on the bar graph as

students send in responses via text message or from a computer, cell phone, or mobile device. Create a free account with Poll Everywhere

and then get started making your first poll question for up to 30 participants with the free version.

If your students are using iPods or iPads with Poll Everywhere,

they can save the website as an icon (looks like an app icon) on the device. Here's how you do that:

  • Open the browser on the iPod Touch or iPad
  • Navigate to the exact page of the website you want to make an icon for
  • Click on the icon on the top left side of the screen that looks like a rectangle with a right curved arrow
  • Choose "Add to Home Screen"
  • Name the website what you want and then touch "add"
  • It will then set the website as an icon on your iPod Touch/iPad


Art Apps

Music Apps

Group Piano Playing


Free Piano Music! First Pieces

Sketch Mee Lite (Fun photo editing for creating interesting works of art for student projects)

Sketch Mee Lite

  • Take a photo of either yourself or an object

  • Use the Sketch Mee Lite App to change the photo into a drawing and then save to photos and email it to yourself

  • Open in your email

  • Note* One quirky thing with this app is that when you tap on a choice in a menu, you must continue to hold with your finger to keep it open and slide your finger to choose an option


Social Studies Apps

Pick Me Buzzer (Buzz in Trivia Activity with any Question Set) (Michelle)

Pick Me! Buzzer- .99

Constitution for iPhone

  • Form groups of 4 people

  • One person has one of our Dept. iPod Touches with the Pick Me Buzzer App Open on it (in the Teacher Tools Folder)

  • The other group members will open the US Constituion App

  • The Host will start the game

  • Each group will "Enter Game" and click on the Host's iPod when they see it

  • The Host will ask a question pertaining to the US Constitution (1 ea. from the first 5 Articles and one additional question about the signers)

  • Each Group will search using the US Constitution App to find the answers to the questions

  • Buzz in when your group feels they have the answer. Give your answer. If it is correct, move to the next question. If incorrect, others may buzz in.


Science Apps

Create A Graph is a Website that can be set as a desktop icon (Create bar, pie, line graphs and more) (Shauna)


Use Create-A-Graph with any content area where you would like to graph information.

Weather Bug App

Weather Bug

Science Content Activity: Create a double line graph that documents high temperatures of two cities (SLC and St. George Utah) for the week of April 9th-13th 2012.

  • Work in pairs

  • One participant opens Weather Bug App to find data for each of the two cities. Add both cities to the app. (you can compare any two cities you want to)

  • One participant opens the Create-A-Graph website that was set as an icon

  • Work together to create a double line graph documenting the high temps for SLC and St. George or whatever two cities you have chosen for the next 7 days.

  • How could students find information that would help them in answering the essential question below?

  • Email the Graphs to one of the instructors

  • Also take a snapshot of the graph that could later be used in a project

  • Share Graphs

Essential Questions:

  • How can two cities that are close to one another have such different temperatures?

  • What other differences will you find in these two cities because of their unique climates?

QR Codes in the Classroom

I-nigma (Free)

Mrs. Hamilton QR Site

QR Code Generator

Websites for using QR Codes

  • Relicensure Point Certificates

  • Q&A

  • Survey